VegTrug is a Multi-purpose Tool

You could say the VegTrug is for growing vegetables. But you can also say it's a wonderful tool for starting seeds, transplanting seedlings, or even growing bare-root perennials to a larger size before putting them in the garden. When the huge raised bed arrived and we filled it with soil, I wasn't sure just what I'd be using it for. That lack of ideas lasted for about a minute before I decided it would be great for planting beet, lettuce, Alyssum, Stock and Mignonette seed. Okay, so you could say I went a little crazy. But everything grew so well in there. It was early and we were still having a few cold days so I bought the plastic greenhouse cover.

Flat of Egypt beet
Now I have a few bean plants, two extremely healthy flat-leaf parsley plants and seedlings of lettuce and golden beets. I had a crop of 'Flat of Egypt' beets in early summer that were delicious! The seed came from Baker Creek Seeds, a great source for unusual varieties. It was the very first time I'd been successful with beets. I can't plant them in the ground because the bunnies and groundhogs like them too much.
Next year I'll have a plan--I have all winter to think about it--that will definitely include beets and lettuce in earliest spring.
I'll be putting the plastic cover into play so the sun can warm the environment inside the VegTrug. I'll be testing it on a day when I'm home to monitor the temperature, as I prefer to cook my veggies after I harvest them.


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