July Bloom-A-Day

Made it through July with a bloom-a-day! Whew! Can't say this was child's play!

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I like variety. And it's a good thing come August because I'd certainly be getting tired of daylilies and coneflowers by now. Okay, they each have their place in the garden. I've pretty much chalked up daylilies because they spread too quickly and don't look good when not in bloom. Coneflowers are not quite as bad because they seem to have a longer bloom period, especially if you keep deadheading them. And to those who cringe when I say I deadhead my coneflowers, I must say: "Get a grip!" There will be plenty of time later in the season to leave the seedheads for the finches.

Why brown up my garden before its time? Although we've been getting sufficient rain over the last two weeks or so, there is enough brown lingering from the dastardly duo Drought & Heat that I certainly don't need an early drab seedhead season.
Dwarf white pine 'Squiggles'

We lost a white pine that was planted probably a year or two ago by my stealthy tree-loving husband. He loves white pines and has been planting them in our woods WHICH IS TO THE SOUTH OF MY GARDEN whenever I'm not looking. This latest and late specimen would have definitely obliterated both sun and moisture within the next few years had it lived. And so I say, "Muh wah ha ha!"

I DO like a dwarf, however. They're small so they don't shade a lot of sun lovers out by standing to the south of them. And of course, because they're small, you can have more!

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