Keepin' Your Garden Cool 101

It's easy to fall in love with a sprinkler this summer. It's been dry. And it's been hot. So I'm extremely excited to have been given a sample of the new Rainforest Sprinkler from Contech, Inc. What I like about this sprinkler is that it isn't heavy-handed. It takes its name seriously and refrains from squirting, blasting or beating my plants into submission. I've tried other sprinklers. But the Rainforest has just one moving part, it's lightweight, and comes in different configurations with stakes and a tripod for larger coverage. We just use a tall pipe we hammer into the ground for ultimate reach.

Another product I've called into use quite a bit this summer is the TubTrug. I have several sizes and they've been great for collecting weeds and spent flowers on deadheading forays. But we've developed an alternative relationship with these colorful vessels for keeping cool as we relax on our patio.

TubTrug doubles as foot chiller.
Some people can't imagine sitting down without the remote in their hand while others can't drive, walk, or socialize without their smartphone. Try this: While taking it easy in your garden, pick up a Ray Padula Series R Nozzle. The on-off lever is so simple and easy to turn off and on, and the variety of spray patterns leaves no need unfulfilled! I can even sit on the patio with my feet in the TubTrug(tm) and water a pot that's 50 feet away! Really! Ok, maybe it's not that accurate, but it's the old lady's equivalent to playing in the sprinkler. And there is nothing wrong with that on a day with temps in the upper 90s. 

On these hot summer days, don't forget the birds. You'll see a lot more action in your birdbath if you keep the water fresh and somewhat cool. When I'm home in the middle of the day I'll put a grocery bag full of ice in their bath. By evening it will have attained the optimal temperature.

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