It Rained!!!

It Rained!!! A Lot!!! We lost power when it was time for bed and regained it just when I was trying to figure out how to take a shower (we have a well--no power, no water.) and go into work.

I went out to take some photos, realized there is not much in bloom, but rain droplets are gorgeous, don't you think? I am patting myself on the back right now because I had the foresight to tie up the tomatoes. (Yay!)

Grafted 'Japanese Trifele' tomato

It's been a pretty good year for Hypericum,
stretching a bit in the part shade, but providing
gorgeous berries nonetheless.
I madly snapped while listening to the foreign sounds of nearby thunder. I swear I could hear giggling. Plants were happy. Birds were happy, and I imagine even the worms would be coming up toward the surface soon to revel in the moisture.
A long-awaited rainstorm is a gardener's equivalent to a blizzard for a grade schooler. I was plotting all sorts of things in the garden. There was once again hope instead of endless hose wrestling.

If it weren't for my camera's dislike for moisture, I'd probably still be out there. It's just amazing how much better every single plant looks after having a night of rain.

I'm not sure where the cat spent the night, but his friend Mr. Mousie stayed dry and enjoyed watching the rain from his post on the back patio.

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