Immerse Yourself in Lavender

Lavender Hill Farm is one of those places where you can immerse yourself in the world of a lavender farm with just a short visit. Devote an hour, and the scent of lavender won't be the only thing you'll come away with. What also rubs off on visitors is the feel that attaches itself to your mood for several hours after you've left.
I got to make two visits to the Niles, Michigan farm for a story I'm working on for Chicagoland Gardening Magazine. Lavender Hill Farm owner Martha Wilczynsk is always busy with the distilling, caring for the sheep or harvesting and cutting stems. (And those were just the things she did while we were there.) But she and store overseer Dee never make you feel hurried.

There is no other way to explain it than it's a lavender kind of life. It's one you can experience for awhile but keep remnants of for longer than if you'd gone most other places that are just an hour's drive.

Lavender Hill Farm is in Niles, MI - an hour from lots of places, and worth the trip if you'd like to pick your own lavender, purchase lavender sachets, soaps, oils, culinary buds, and much, much more.

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