A Plethora of Poppies

There is nothing like a Poppy. Delicate, whispy, ethereal even. Shirley poppies or Papaver rhoeas are annuals that are so easy to grow. Start the seed early enough and you'll have dazzlingly-delicate flowers to cut for vases or just appreciate through your window.
I grew two varieties of Shirley poppy this season, both from Renee's Garden: 'Angel's Choir' and 'Falling in Love'. Colors have ranged from dusky rose to peach and pink and several picotee and reverse picotee. I love poppy season because you get such a variety of colors and sometimes forms, with extra petals on some of them.
They open wide during the sunny daytime and partially close in the evening or if it's cloudy. I scattered seed so liberally and (some would say) sloppily that I have poppies coming up among the flagstones, in the middle of paths, and wherever the tiny seed landed back in March when I sprinkled the seed around.
Shirley poppies will reseed, but from my experience, you won't get the variety of color as you would from fresh seed. It's well worth purchasing and remembering to sow them in early spring. I'll have poppies from now until mid to late July if I keep them deadheaded. Keeping them deadheaded translates for me into cutting for vases. Contrary to rumors, poppy stems don't have to be boiled, burned or blessed in order to last for a couple of days in a vase. I'm going to be mixing them with sweet peas, which also are still blooming because of my penchant for bouquets.

Don't forget to buy poppy seeds for next spring. And don't forget to enjoy all of the Blogger's Bloom Day Posts!

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