Ob-La-Di? Really?

      Something small has been living between the raised bed connected to the house and the walls of the house. I’ve heard the telltale scratch-scrambling sounds for the past three years. And until whatever it is peeks its head through the wall in the sunroom and looks at me, my personal “handy-when-he-has-to” husband chooses to ignore it. And until today our three dogs also turned blind eyes to the sound.

But then today, I noticed Poppy the Jack Russell-Yorkie mix vibrating as she stood on the coffee table turned pooch perch near the wall in our sunroom. Suddenly she yipped and threw herself against the window trying to get at the chipmunk on the other side. I had a confirmed ID.
       Chipmunks can chew the wires inside the walls, causing shorts and fires, I told my husband.
      “No they don’t,” he said.
      Okay, so I haven’t found conclusive information from a valid source that tells me this, but what the heck are they doing in our walls, anyway?
      Just as visions of a rodent-induced house fire are playing in my head, my spouse walks into the house singing “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da life goes on brah,” the incredibly jolly-for-no-reason ditty written by the Beatles.
     Meanwhile, Poppy and her canine crew are on high alert. Between Poppy flinging herself against the window and Maurice waiting at the chipmunk’s front stoop, I’m expecting some serious carnage. Maurice is the cat that found us last year around this time and has been coming for breakfast and dinner ever since. And for the record, I wasn’t the one who started feeding him. However I will take credit for the decrease in the chipmunk population since the cat showed up.
      My husband tells me he put a layer of heavy plastic covered with a layer of Styrofoam and then a layer of tar on the house wall before completing the raised bed. “He can’t get through that,” he claimed.
      But when the chipmunk last emerged just outside the sunroom window, I swear he had black tarry lips and bits of white foam in his fur. And I heard him sing in his high-pitched chipmunk voice, “And if you want some fun take ob-la-di-bla-da.”

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