Go ahead - Cut some flowers for yourself!

Don't be afraid to cut some blooms to enjoy indoors, especially when it's so hot and humid you can't stand to spend much time outdoors. The bouquet at left consists of fragrant flowers, including annual sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus), Clematis recta, Oso Easy(tm) 'Peachy Cream' rose, and a single gardenia.
I couldn't resist pairing sweet peas in a jelly jar with a Westie statue. Stems of sweet peas tend to be short, so jelly jars make perfect vases.
It's a great Hydrangea year, so I've been cutting plenty. Among the longest-lasting in a vase is Hydrangea Let's Dance (tm) 'Starlight' (blue lacecap). The other lacecap is one that I don't have the name of, but it's blooming its head off this season. The mophead is Endless Summer (tm). I love yellow with blue, so I picked a stem of Oriental-Trumpet hybrid 'Yelloween', and added Astilbe and Echinacea to fill the vase.
Alstromeria 'Inca Ice' is taking a bloom break for now, but is getting ready with another flush of flowers. It makes a great cut flower, especially with Astrantia, fennel leaf and Oso Easy (tm) 'Peach Cream' rose.  
One of the best reasons (or excuses if you feel guilty for cutting a big vase for yourself) to create an arrangement in a vase is to see if you can create vignettes that might look good in the garden together. When I combined the OT Lilium 'Yelloween' with Echinacea 'Solar Flare', I noticed the yellow of the lily brought out the tiny yellow flowers around the edge of the dark cone of the Echinacea.
I also noticed how fragrant the Chinese Astilbe is. Echinacea 'Solar Flare' is also fragrant, but its scent is somewhat overpowered by the lily and Astilbe.

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