Grow Veggies Year-Round

What could be more attention-grabbing than the term “gardener” used with “year-round?” (Caliifornians excepted) Although I appreciate the months when it’s too cold, wet or snow to garden. The cold, grey months we temperate gardeners have provides us with a break—a time to sit back and plan for the next season. When everything’s put to bed in the garden, we can sharpen our keyboarding skills and page-turning abilities in order to plan for when the frigid months are over. Unless of course we love fresh veggies.
Nikki Jabbour’s The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener tells us how to keep the produce fresh and our weeding muscles honed. Put simply, the book breaks down the weather barriers for cold climate gardeners. 

Jabbour’s instructions are detailed enough for any gardener’s level of expertise. Imagine cutting fresh salad greens in December. And if green leafy vegetables aren’t your thing, you’ll be sure to find your favorite in Jabbour’s list of plants to grow throughout the year, including varieties she’s grown in her Nova Scotia garden. She makes it sound so easy, I’ve purchased more seeds to sow in September.
I am lucky enough to have a companion for the book—the VegTrug. With this marvel of simple engineering and the plastic greenhouse cover, I’ll be enjoying fresh beets, leeks, and even Brussels sprouts much later than I’d ever dreamed of.

You can learn more at Jabbour's blog: The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener.

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