VegTrug Seedlings Plugging Along

We've been having some cool nights (duh! It's early April!) and the seedlings in the VegTrug haven't missed a beat. Yes, they're all pretty frost tolerant--lettuce, poppies, alyssum, beets and stock--but the Mignonette and Salvia are still alive and unharmed after a couple of nights with temps in the 30s.  I've been keeping the screen cover zipped up throughout the days and nights. During the warm and windy days, it helps keep the soil from drying out, yet allows light in to keep them happy.
Plant growth has slowed down a bit, and I'm working on removing lots of overcrowded seedlings. I started a lettuce mix called Wine Country Mesclun from Renee's Seeds on March 16, and it's just now starting to look like lettuce. Instructions on the packet say it takes approximately 40 days to harvest, so I'll have a salad of these greens by the end of the month. I planted Poppy 'Angel's Choir', also from Renee's, and every day I remove little extras. Poppy seeds are notoriously hard to sprinkle without overcrowding. 

Maybe I got a little carried away, but I rationalized that the VegTrug would make a great seed starting vessel for flowers until I could plant the beans, basil and other heat-lovers.
So, into the trug went Sweet Alyssum 'Paletta Mix' and Mignonette 'Machet' from Select Seeds.

The beets are forming chubby little roots as we speak (at least I imagine they are without peeking). The variety I planted March 16 is called Flat of Egypt from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.

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