Golden Orange and Peachy Blooms

This tulip has a lot going on. With sunset shades and a rose-like scent, it's certainly a keeper. 'Prinses Irene' was introduced in 1949 and is available at Old House Gardens.
Geum 'Mango Lassi' is a double-flowered avens named after a drink popular in the Punjab region of India. Discovered as a sport of Geum ‘Georgenberg’ by Grace Dinsdale of Blooming Nursery in Cornelius, OR, this beauty blooms with early bearded Iris, only for a much longer time.
Acer palmatum 'Orange Dream' features outstanding color in spring, with chartreuse leaves edged in pale raspberry. It was introduced in the 1980s by a nursery in Milan, Italy. My plant has been chomped down by deer to just a stick two years in a row. Last fall, I surrounded it in deer netting and it came through and is beginning to look like a six year-old plant. It is offered by Eastfork Nursery.
Dicentra 'Gold Heart' has been around since 1997 after it was discovered by Nori Pope of Hadspen House Gardens in England. I love it for its sunshine-colored foliage, which seems to light up a dark corner like sculptural spotlights. I like it combined with dark-leaved Astilbe and Hellebores with a deep green backdrop provided by a thick, unpruned yew hedge.

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  1. That Geum is just drop-dead gorgeous! Great colours. The Tulip is also a lovely thing with its rainbow of colours.