April Bouquets from the Garden

Tree peony 'Princess Chiffon' with Syringa 'Beauty of Moscow' (white)
and Syringa 'Bloomerang'.
Bouquets are plentiful this month, an anomoly considering this wealth of bloom typically happens in May. But I'm not complaining. The cool spring weather has kept the Lilacs from frying, allowing them to last much longer than usual. Even the tree peonies are taking their time opening, and then lingering for a great long-lived show.

Peony 'Red Charm' with soapwort and Polygonatum
The first herbaceous peony opened around April 26--much earlier than usual. 'Red Charm' isn't a new variety, but it certainly is one of the reddest. This true crimson beauty is a hybrid bomb form introduced in 1944 by Lyman Glasscock of Elmwood, IL.

Azalea 'Golden Lights' truly lights up the garden when in bloom. The only downside is that it doesn't play well with others because of its orangey-peachy color. I love it with Centaurea and this similarly-hued Geum. I can't decide whether to move the azalea or the baby pink 'Princess Chiffon' tree peony next to it.

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