More New Garden Stuff!!

Somehow I knew "New" would get you. That's why advertisers use it so much. When you think about it, it's probably one of the few three-letter words that hasn't lost its cachet. In the advertising world, anyway. But I think "New" is probably the best word advertisers have ever coined in any promotion. It's more versatile than "Thicker," "Organic," "Fresher," and the ever popular "No Trans-fats." The term, if it can be trusted, means it's something you've never seen, tasted or experienced before. The only time "New" isn't a good fit for a product is when it isn't (the product, I mean.) And in most products, if it includes the term "New," it darned well better be.

I'm willing to admit that "New" is a relative term, and I'm hoping you'll grant me some leeway in this presentation of plants and garden products. After all, I'm not really trying to sell you anything (directly, anyway). Mixed among the cool new stuff, I'll be including the "Not Born Yesterday" contingent--things you might have already seen but didn't buy for some reason or another that I've tried and really liked.  

While I'm not a plant breeder or marketer or even a professional plant grower, I'll give you a fair overview of new stuff out there -- plants and pots and more -- because I'm a garden geek. I suppose you could say it's my gardening style that makes me the ideal presenter of this information. I took the Monrovia Gardening Style Quiz, but it doesn't list my style.

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