The Birds and Bees are Back!

Italian Honey Bees
You might want to hunker down and inspect your garden at close range, even if it seems to be asleep. I'm not sure where they went when it started to snow, but last week I found these very happy bees plying a small patch of Crocus for nectar. The day was sunny, breezy and warm - somewhere in the 50 degree range. Take a look at their pollen sacs as they danced around the flowers!

And it didn't require close inspection the other day when this huge and beautiful hawk took a breather on a fence post in my garden. According to Facebook fans, it's a broad-winged hawk.

This hawk obviously doesn't have a calendar on his Iphone. According to the Animal Diversity Web information, they're migratory and don't usually arrive at their nesting sites until April.

But of course, they know best. There is plenty of food in the garden for these carnivorous raptors. We've seen robins for at least a month now, in addition to the Cardinals, chicadees and nuthatches that hang around during the winter. I probably say this every year, but this winter has had some wildly fluctuating weather. There's snow on the ground and it's supposed to get up into the 60 degree range today.  

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