Twine Whining, or Where's my Twine?

Nutscene dispenser
It was last week when the annual "Where the Heck did I put that" search began. With temperatures threatening spring any minute, I figured it was time for me to get my tools ready. Two years ago, I'd purchased a really cool item: The Nutscene Terracotta Twine Dispenser. We mounted it outside out of the rain and it's been a great help when I need to tie something up because I always know where to look for twine. It's come through two winters because it doesn't get wet--certain death for terracotta because of its porosity.

Last year I bought a refill roll of twine in black, because, even in gardening, black goes with everything. I started looking in all the places it would make sense for a roll of twine to be--my bedroom closet, the shelf over the dryer, the mudroom, the garage--nada, no go, it was nowhere to be found.

Instead of making myself crazy, I searched Nutscene, and found one of the few companies that carry the brand. Bosmere doesn't have a fancy website, but it does have a great selection of Nutscene twine and dispensers. (*Not anymore - but you can find the twine through Amazon.)

From left: Nutscene twine refill, Nutscene Lilac Twist twine,
Bosmere Twine Ties
I bought the Twine in a Can in lilac, a roll of Nutscene twine in black and a 394-ft roll of Bosmere jute garden twine. Why did I buy the Lilac Twist? I can use it to tie up all of my purple flowers, I at first rationalized.  But then I thought: It's my garden and my twine. I don't need to make excuses for buying pretty lilac twine!
This week I started looking for the seed packets from last year that I didn't get around to using. Guess what? Can't find them. Anywhere. But that's a story for another day...

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