Sweet Lillian begins to bloom

Amaryllis 'Sweet Lillian' Feb. 11
Well worth the wait yet smaller in flower than the typical Amaryllis, cybister Amaryllis 'Sweet Lillian' began to open yesterday. From the time it began to show growth Jan. 12, it took just over four weeks to begin to show what all the fuss is about. Oh, and did I mention she has thee stems?

Amaryllis 'Sweet Lillian' February 8

Amaryllis 'Sweet Lillian' Jan. 12


  1. Hi Jean... I've enjoyed looking over your site. Regarding your question on my site... I left the following message for you... Larry

    "Hi Jean... we have never had a deer in our gardens in the 40+ years we have lived here! Yes... this is perhaps the biggest blessing of all I know... I pick up the lilies either in local nurseries, from B & D lilies, or from The Lily Garden... the last two are on the internet. My favorites varieties are Sheherazade, Pizzazz, and Silk Road... all from The Lily Garden.



    If you aren't familiar with these two resources, I'm sure you will enjoy visiting on the net and their catalogs as well! Larry"

  2. Thanks, Larry! Looks like we shop in the same places. I also like Brent and Becky's Bulbs.