All wrapped up

Tree peony 'Ariadne'
Three tree peonies and my only Japanese maple are wrapped up and ready for deer. The poor Japanese maple, 'Orange Dream', was moved a couple of years ago to the east side of the house where I could see it better. Apparently, the deer also could see it more clearly and clearly enjoyed its flavor. The deer nibbled at it in spring after the leaves unfurled, snacked on it occasionally throughout the summer, and in winter, used it as its personal chew toy. Needless to say, there isn't much left to it. If a second species name could be used for this Acer palmatum, it would be fastigiatus, (having erect branches growing close together; columnar; upright), because that's how it looks right now, having lost its horizontal branches to the snacking deer.
I hope the deer don't both Pinus strobus 'Squiggles', a dwarf white pine with curly needles. It's a cute little thing, in the front of the house near an Ilex verticillata. When it gets cold enough to kill the leaves of a couple of Hydrangea that aren't hardy, I'll cover them with leaves and white pine needles. Until then, I'll enjoy the leaves remaining on plants like sugar maples and Kerria japonica.

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