Repotting amaryllis bulbs

I divided and repotted amaryllis bulbs into a Lechuza Delta 20 planter, which seemed the perfect choice for the trio. I used a combination of Jolly Gardener Premium Potting Mix with a specially-blended cactus/succulent mix from Ted's Greenhouse in Tinley Park, IL. The ratio of the two was about 12 parts potting mix with 1 part cactus/succulent mix.

One of the easiest ways to fail with amaryllis is to plant the bulbs too deeply and water too much, so the planter combined with the well-drained yet rich soil mix should keep the fungal monsters at bay.
The Lechuza Delta 20 planter is designed as a two-part system with a layer of light-weight gravel in the outer pot in which the legs of the inner planter sit to keep plants' roots from getting too much moisture.

I gave the pot a good soaking from above to settle the soil and make sure the excess drained out before putting the inner section into the outer pot with the gravel.

The amaryllis bulbs had grown on the patio all summer and had lots of fat, healthy roots. One of the reasons for repotting the bulbs at this time is to assure insects and diseases are caught before the next growing season. I will leave the newly-planted pot in a sunny window and won't water again until the bulbs show signs of growth.

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