October Color Collage

October in the garden in this post comes in the form of a collage. All photos were taken in October; just two are not from my own garden but from Missouri Botanical Garden. Next year, at a glance, I can see what I need more of, what I need to repeat, and how I should perhaps rearrange some beds so that combinations can be found in the ground, not just in a vase.

From top right: Zinnia 'Queen Red Lime', Aster 'Purple Dome' and Thunbergia 'Blushing Suzie.
Second row: combination from Missouri Botanical Gardens, Vigna caracalla, Zinnia cactus flowered.
Row three: Aster 'Little Carlow' with Anemone 'Alice; 'Little Carlow' with 'Honorine Jobert'
Row four: Impatiens 'Fusion Glow Yellow', upright fuchsia, Mirabilis longiflora and Dendranthema 'Sheffield Pink'.

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