Tropical Ginger will be nearly a month early

In 2010, it was Sept. 27 by the time the ginger  flower reached this stage.

Last year, Hedychium 'Anne Bishop' began to bloom for the very first time in mid-October. Luckily, we had a warm and beautiful fall that lingered long enough to at least get the plant closer to the house for protection before dividing it in November.

Today, the flower is slightly less advanced than it was last Sept. 27, but will likely reach that point by Sept. 6, a full three weeks earlier than last year.

While I thought it was hot last summer, this season was even hotter. And the ginger's root system was larger, which plays a part in its ability to bloom.

I also fed it more heavily, administering a liberal dose of time-release fertilizer in late June, topping it off in mid-August.
Flowers began to open last year on October 10.

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