The Wrens have finally hatched!

I was beginning to think maybe Mama Wren was having one of those false pregnancies you hear about. For weeks we watched as she took over a decorative church birdhouse, diving into the impossibly tiny hole with her beak filled with nesting materials. Then came the food--motionless bugs, big and juicy--perfect for young wrens. But wait! We should be hearing the peeps by now, right? It was silent in the church-home.

My husband and I each had a theory. Mine was that Mama Wren suffered from an eating disorder and just pretended to be preggers so her partner wouldn't chastise her for eating so much.

My husband figured the kids had already hatched but were really quiet about it. They were taking advantage of Mama Wren, staying well beyond the age when they should fledge. "You hear about it all the time with humans," he insisted. (I tactfully didn't mention he lived with his mom til he was 32...)

So today I heard it - a flurry of chirps coming from the home of Mama Wren and her actual babies. I'm thinking they were complaining about the rain. The birdhouse is getting kind of old and likely leaky. Hopefully Mama Wren added lots of caulking. She certainly had enough time.
Mama Wren peers imperiously from her home.

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  1. Great read. I had to chuckle a little at the thought of the little ones not wanting to move out of home until they were adults ... a very familiar situation with my own boys! Great photo too.