"There's something in the bushes!"

We have quite a few birds in our garden - wrens, cardinals, a catbird, robins and a little bluish bird I see once in awhile that I'll get to later. Many of them have nests. They're not enough to keep mosquitos at bay, so I've taken to wearing those little battery-operated Off! fans - one in each pocket like a pair of six-guns. I felt confident I wouldn't be severely mosquito bit with this protection and so I stormed the yews that had been taken over by wild raspberry. I was about to make my third triumphant ground-level cut when I heard the most piercing, plaintive sound near me.

"There's something in there," I told my husband as he came to see why I had emerged so suddenly from the underbrush. "I didn't want to bother her," I explained. Okay, I'll admit it here - I was a little spooked by the noise it made, not like any other bird I'd ever heard. I kind of expected to see something dead at my feet right before I ran.

Not to be deterred, I continued weeding in a bed with a severely overgrown Baptisia 'Purple Smoke' and plant a few zinnias I'd grown from seed. I was scraping the weeds off the surface of the soil with my Circle Hoe (love the Circle Hoe) when I heard that noise again! If you know where this is going you're just a sec ahead of me. Those little Off! fans don't like it when a leaf gets caught in it. It makes the wierdest noise...

As for the little bluish bird - we're thinking it's a blue-gray gnatcatcher http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue-gray_Gnatcatcher. It's an adorable little bird, less than 6" long, with bluish coloration and an angry black unibrow.

Meanwhile, if you can find some "Barbara's buttons," aka Marshallia grandiflora, add these charmers to your garden. They're native to the Midwest and prefer moist soils with partial sun. They spread slowly and reseed when happy. Not sure if you can tell from photos but they're on the pinkish side of white.

Marshallia grandiflora

Marshallia grandiflora

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  1. Glad it was a bird and not something more threatening. Great photos! Welcome to Blotanical!