Tah Rah Rah Bloom A Day - July 4-11 - Warm color

Papaver rhoeas - Shirley poppy
 Warm colors from red to peach to deep magenta look great with white and blue. These are the colors of high summer, nearly exclusive to July.       

Clematis 'Avant Garde' is a small-flowered variety but its flowers are incredibly cute and complex, with tufts of pink in the center of magenta petals.
Clematis 'Avant Garde'

Related to Coreopsis 'Creme Brulee', 'Sienna Sunset' offers great color, especially when massed with catmint or lavender. This beauty grows just 16" tall and loves full sun.
Coreopsis 'Sienna Sunset'

Lilies are great for when the summer starts to sizzle. I like the fragrant varieties, including  Orienpet, which are a cross between Oriental and trumpet lilies.  

Lilium 'Silk Road'

Lilium 'Triumphator'

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