Poppy's plant evaluation

I don't know how it happened, or why. I can only guess. As I entered the sunroom, there was a certain "vibe," one that made me look at our resident terriers, Poppy and Abbie. The girls seemed to be commiserating about something--getting their stories straight for an inquisition I hadn’t realized was forthcoming. Then I noticed the water—on the floor, the table and IN A POOL SURROUNDING MY CAMERA AND LAPTOP!!

I’d placed a vase of lilies on the sunroom table as inspiration for a blog. The vase was now laying on its side, water still flowing from its mouth. The lilies were on the floor. At first it seemed it had been knocked over—innocent enough I supposed. But when I examined the flowers I found a few of the petals had been nibbled, some were shredded and entire buds were missing.

I looked at Poppy. She looked at Abbie. Abbie looked at me. Olive went somewhere to hide. If ever you’ve experienced canine boredom you can piece together the sequence of events that led to the attempted drowning of my equipment and culinary curiosity about the once-gorgeous lily.

I suppose I’ve only myself to blame. I had, after all, shamelessly coaxed Poppy to “smell” the poppies for the photo that graces this blog. I did it by placing little chunks of food inside the poppies. She was simply looking for a snack, which she had come to learn sometimes could be found inside a flower.

I think she was still hoping I’d break out the treats and put them in the lily when I took the flower into the kitchen and snapped this picture. If you look closely, you can see Abbie behind her, not taking ownership of the deed but staying close in case cookies were proffered.

The laptop and camera were dried and work just fine. The vase hadn’t broken. And I have lots more lilies to pick. I’ll just know next time not to place them within reach of the dog who keeps us all on our toes with her antics.

Poppy was sent to bed for punishment. Doesn't she look pathetic?

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