Lilium 'Red Velvet'
 In the better late than never category, Lilium 'Red Velvet' is in bloom after a two-year hiatus. It bloomed the season after I planted it (Old House Gardens), and the following year before its buds even started to think about coloring up, a deer had it for dinner. This is one of the lilies I used soap on a stick to protect and it seems to have worked so far.

The soap on a stick idea came from Taltree Arboretum & Gardens:

1. cut bars of soap (I used Irish Spring) into icecube sized chunks and wrap them in pieces of cheesecloth.
2. tie the soap pieces onto stakes of some kind.
3. place the stakes close to the plants you want to protect.

Anyway, 'Red Velvet' is an Asiatic triploid hybrid that was bred in 1964. Which means it was introduced when my Mom was baking me red velvet cake every year for my birthday.

Begonia 'Beaucoup White'

I picked out this begonia for its looks (Isn't that the way it usually goes?) It's thriving along with chenille plant and chartreuse sweet potato vine. Luckily I make it a point to save my annual plant tags, and I found out what its name is. Begonia 'Beaucoup White' from Green Fuse Botanicals is so much more than white. With its cute button centers and appleblossom pink outer petals, it's an easy-care step up from the ho-hum wax begonias.

Dragon (or damsel) fly on Clematis 'Rooguchi' bud.

And finally, in the realm of the blue, it's hard to beat Clematis 'Rooguchi' for its color. And it certainly doesn't hurt when a pretty insect poses for the camera.

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