It's all pink and blue this week - Bloom a Day July 19-25

Lilium 'Cragganmore'
Maybe it was the name - 'Cragganmore' was named for a Scotch whiskey, not my drink of choice but distilled in a country we visited years ago and one we long to return to. The color is deepening slightly, but I guess I expected a deeper red, which would make the white edging on each petal really pop.
Echinacea 'Green Envy'

One of my favorite Echinaceas is 'Green Envy', just beginning to open in this shot. I've moved a few times but this compact cutie seems to like it where it is.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Teller's Red'

Hydrangea 'Teller's Red' (aka 'Taube') gives me something to look forward to when some other lacecaps are past their prime. It's not a remontant cultivar, but it's in a sheltered spot and has been blooming in two out of three seasons since I got it. With the addition of aluminum sulphate and an acidic pH, it will become somewhat purple.

Lathyrus 'Charlie's Angel'
Who would think I'd have sweet peas blooming in this tropical weather? I planted Lathyrus odoratus 'Charlie's Angel' in April and, although healthy, hasn't bloomed 'til now. I'll be cutting it back a bit (Can't bring myself to do it when it's in bloom.) to see if it will give me some more flowers in the fall.

Hydrangea 'Gertrude Glahn'

I've had Hydrangea macrophylla for several years, with more success than failure because of its proximity to the east side of the house. After two years in a row with no blooms, I threatened to remove it. That did it. The next year it gave me half a dozen blooms--not bad for this tempramental plant (Zone 6).
Florets of Hydrangea 'Gertrude Glahn' at right dwarf those of 'Endless Summer'.
As a reminder of why I go to the trouble of growing 'Gertrude G.', the photo here shows the size difference of its florets compared with those of 'Endless Summer'. I like 'Endless Summer' and will likely continue to grow it, but once you witness the size of not-so-hardy hydrangeas, there is no going back!


  1. Oh, you list several of my favorites here! The Echinacea are gorgeous this year--at least mine are much improved over last year. You have some beauties in your garden!

  2. Thanks. It seems Echinacea sometimes takes a couple of years to arrive at its best. I'll probably be dividing some of mine at the end of the season to keep them going strong.

  3. Oh that Sweet Pea is just gorgeous. What a fabulous colour. You do have some lovely Hydrangeas too and the 'Cragganmore' Lily is a stunner.