It WAS getting kinda dry...

The rain gauge read 3 1/2 inches! It rained all afternoon and all night and then throughout the next day--a whopper, a doozy, a gusher of a storm that lingered like a bad guest. The Papaver rhoeas swooned like Victorian ladies, the un-staked tomatoes hugged the ground in supplication and I patted myself on the back for tying up the Hydrangea arborescens 'Incrediball'.

Kniphofia 'Apricot Souffle'

Kniphofia 'Apricot Souffle' from
Digging Dog Nursery is finally getting somewhere after three years in my garden. That includes two years spent languishing in the semi-shaded, moisture-rententive spot in the lower garden. I moved it last year to the raised bed and it's given me two blooms that just seem to be gaining color daily.
Clematis 'Blue Angel' had twined itself securely to the deer fencing I used as a trellis. (It works a lot better for supporting vines than it does for deterring deer.)
Clematis 'Blue Angel'

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