Got a sauna? The inside kind, I mean...

In foreground, Marshallia grandiflora, a native that dries
quite well into little button flowers. The others are peonies.

All it takes is rubber bands, paper clips, a shower rod and (heavens to Joan Crawford!!), wire coat hangers. Oh, and if you have a sauna, that helps, too. I've been using my sauna every summer to dry flowers--peonies, larkspur, hydrangeas, lavender--quickly and easily. I put up a shower rod across the sauna and saved coat hangers, small rubber bands and paper clips, and end up with way more dried flowers than I can possibly use.

A seldom-used closet works, too, as long as it's dry and somewhat dark and has good air circulation.

Oh, and in the wintertime when all the flowers are dried--I use the sauna to dry my..., ahem, ... delicates.

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