Fragrance and unusual flowers

species Gardenia
I bought a gardenia labeled simply "species gardenia" from Logee's several years ago, and it's having a fairly good year finally. It's a single-flowered species, don't know if it's a cultivated variety or not, but it's a real cutie.  I planted it last year in a styrofoam container with cactus soil mixed with regular potting soil and topdressed it with gravel for extra drainage away from stems. It gets an acid fertilizer about every other time it's watered and had a dose of Osmocote about a month ago.

Gardenia 'Miami Supreme'
This Gardenia is called 'Miami Supreme' and we've had it for nearly 15 years. By early March in our sunroom, it's severely defoilated and covered with mites and scale. By July it's covered with buds and its leaves have mostly recovered from chlorosis. It also gets Osmocote and acid water-soluble fertilizer. What a wonderful fragrance! And it keeps me in gardenias for the entire summer.

Deinanthe caerulea ‘Blue Wonder’
Deinanthe caerulea ‘Blue Wonder’ is in a less than prominent spot so I had to cut a stem to photograph. Its flowers face downward and are an awesome blue. Deinanthe is in the Hydrangea family, with huge leaves. It likes lots of moisture but good drainage and fairly deep shade.


  1. I have killed so many gardenias, too hot and dry in summer, and even in my sunroom, too cold in winter. Ah well. I can almost smell them from your pictures!

  2. Don't know whether I'm incredibly lucky with this cultivar or what. But we also have a potted air-layered cutting of this cultivar that is looking pretty healthy. I was concerned an ungrafted cutting would not do as well. One thing about potted gardenias I've learned is their love for water in summer.